About Guitar Panda

the main whip, bruh

I played the guitar throughout high-school, but dropped it in college as other things took priority. A little while ago I rediscovered playing, and along with it, the tinkering.

Even though I had played for several years, I knew next to nothing about the guitar, and certainly not that people built them from parts.

When I was building my first guitar—a telecaster body with a jackson neck—I spent a lot of time on forums and crappy websites trying to understand all the little details. What is a hot pickup? WTF even is a humbucker? Or a locking tuner? Will this neck fit? That body is $100, and that one is $800, what's the difference? Why is that capacitor $75 when I can get one at radioshack for $0.10?

There is a lot of information on the netz about guitars, but it's pretty scattered and a lot of it is not very good. This little site attempts to pull together the best resources I could find for each topic to help you understand the ins and outs of your guitars.

If you know of a better resource for something, let me know at human@benogle.com .